The ability to think quickly — depends on the walking speed

Scientists interested in the emergence of brilliant ideas and speed the movement of people, whose heads have visited these thoughts. It turned out that the processing speed of our brain information, directly related to the speed with which we move. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Duke University, North Carolina (USA).

Способность быстро соображать — зависит от скорости ходьбы

The fact that our way of walking is directly linked to the brain — has long been known. A study involving several hundred people at the age of 45 years, which was studied in detail the speed of the walking participants, analysis of the physical, physiological States and mental abilities, showed unexpected results.

The difference in the level of intelligence among participants to the fast pace of walking and slow, totaled 16 points in favor of more “speed”.

The same was discovered and reduced physical performance among people that move more slowly: low compression force objects with hands, problems with the pulmonary system, teeth and immune system.

Researchers believe that in many respects the relationship between speed of movement and mental ability has a genetic heritage. According to the observations of scientists, the slower were the children with lowest level of intelligence.

The study of the brain using MRI showed that slower walking people reducing the area of the brain and its cortex. A more thorough study of the brain of these people were “older”. Outwardly less than the speed of study participants also differed from their high-speed counterparts: they looked a little older.