The abovementioned advantages and disadvantages of a gluten-free diet

Scientists have reported the advantages and disadvantages of a gluten-free diet grains cereals. It is not recommended to eat food made from them.

Названы преимущества и недостатки безглютеновой диеты

The popularity of the diet without gluten, it is often called gluten, is provided about the allegedly existing for the body the dangers of this substance. This also contributed information about weight loss people who began to use this food. According to scientists, diet is essential for people suffering from gluten intolerance. These include people with allergies, the number of which in the world is continuously growing, as well as those who have diagnosed celiac disease, dermatitis Duhring, Asperger’s, autism. For medical reasons, such people cannot eat wheat or rye bread, pasta, dishes from oats and barley. For example, in celiac disease gluten these grains affects the intestines. For a healthy person the need for such restrictions is missing. Gluten free products are usually more expensive than their counterparts, which will affect the budget.

The rejection of the usual products often leads to lack of certain vitamins, such as iron, magnesium or phosphorus. Balanced diet, according to scientists, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle will bring actual benefit to human health.