The actress of “Harry Potter” announced her second pregnancy

French actress second time in a similar way reports about their situation. And it’s even more effective than a post on social networks.

Актриса «Гарри Поттера» объявила о второй беременности

Clemence of Poezi appeared on the show Stella McCartney in Paris in an all-black image: MIDI dress was a tight fit rounded belly, and complements the outfit long jacket and leather boots on a heel. For 36-year-old French actress, this will be the second child — now Clemence is growing two year old son Liam, whose father is not known. In 2015, the year of mass media wrote that she was engaged by the curator As a Glace, but this news has not been confirmed. About that pregnancy Clemence also said, appearing at the premiere of “Absolute power” with a large tummy.

Clemence of Poezi known as a model and actress. She starred in three films about Harry Potter — “goblet of Fire” and two parts of “Deathly Hallows”, playing the role of a student of the French Academy of witchcraft and wizardry SABATON Fleur deLaCour. Then had roles in the TV series “Gossip girl”, the movie “127 hours” and others.