The actress of the series “School” told about bullying boyfriend

The star of the youth series “School”, Lisa Vasilenko, gave a Frank interview in which he told about bullying boyfriend that she suffered a few years ago.

Актриса сериала «Школа» рассказала об издевательствах бойфренда

It is reported that Lisa met a guy at a high school graduation and immediately fell in love, though he was three years older. At first everything was like a fairy tale, but soon everything changed.

“He said I was ugly, nasty, filth. And once even said I should be thankful that he’s never hit me. Then I took it all for granted. This guy was my world,” says the young actress.

Insults the young man did not stop and soon began to apply to the lease of physical force

“He choked, forced me to have sex. If I didn’t want, was afraid, could not, it was the beating and strangulation… it Was very scary, I dialed mom and screamed in the phone, so she saved me. And I was taken there” — says the girl told.

A chance encounter with the tyrant in the city ended for Vasilenko’s injury: “He hit me against the concrete wall, and I lost consciousness. When I woke up, saw the blood, I was in pain, it was very scary. He broke my nose.”

After this terrible event, Lisa went to the police, but the guy never got punished. Fortunately, the way the actress no longer intersect with the villain.