The adopted daughter of the captain expressed his opinion about the complexes and bodypositive

Stepdaughter Potap and daughter Irina Gorovoy Natalia Gorovaya does not hesitate to publish online very candid photos that will suit a hot photoshoot in a bikini on vacation with my mom, then brag postroynevshaya forms in linen or twine to impress. This time she decided to recall the summer and shared racy photos with the “rear view”.

Приемная дочь Потапа высказала свое мнение о комплексах и бодипозитиве

In the picture posted in Instagram, Natasha in a bikini sitting on a chair on the beach with their backs to the camera, showing off his appetizing buttocks, nice tan and tattoos. Hand she holds on her head a straw hat.

In the caption to this straightforward frame adopted daughter of rapper openly expressed his opinion about the complexes, taking yourself and bodypositive.

Приемная дочь Потапа высказала свое мнение о комплексах и бодипозитиве

“It is not necessary in yourself to find and develop complexes. In a world where actively support bodypositive, models plus size, natural and natural — it is silly to blame themselves for overweight or “ugly” appearance. The worst thing for me is to revisit old photos when I was 17-18 years old, not yet fully formed body, thin, dried, which had just started going to the gym. Jealous of myself that was like that. Nooooooooo. Despite the fact that I don’t go to the gym now for download.
Eat a lot, just because I want to. I still love my body,” shared Natasha.

She thought about how there are all these complex girls, and also glad that now trends are changing and the same size model plus becoming more popular.

“The question becomes — where do these complexes? And remember the public “40KG” and so on to VK, where promoted that you’ll be beautiful only if they stick bone. The idea of perpetual diets, the ideal models were implemented into the heads of young girls, which gave rise complexes for the extra 100g on the scales. I like that now the trend is changing. For example, NIKE, CALVIN KLEIN, starred model PLUS SIZE. I believe that such advertisements are helpful.. they help make themselves real, to see that beauty is much deeper than a toned body and retouch photos. Such companies resemble, to be loved, important, confident — do not need to look like the cover of a glossy magazine, it is not necessary to chase the standards of 90-60-90. It is important to be in harmony with yourself — your mind, body and spiritual condition,” she summed up.

Netizens agreed with Gorovoy and simultaneously showered her with compliments, saying that she is beautiful and she doesn’t need anything to change in yourself.

  • You look gorgeous!
  • You’re beautiful and don’t torture yourself, you’re beautiful in your age and body, enjoy
  • You are very beautiful
  • You about*arena))
  • Onishenko
  • I love you
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  • Support. Photo super
  • Natasha, well done!
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  • Damn, what Golden words. You push me and change my opinion
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  • Thanks for your post, it is , as ever, right now
  • @natashka.gorovaya cool that there are people who talk about it. really hard to do, but everything is in our hands!