The advice of a nutritionist on how to avoid large portions and overeating

Victoria Taylor, senior dietician British heart Foundation (BHF), explains why the observation of the size of portions can help to normalize weight and keep heart healthy.

Советы диетолога, как избежать больших порций и переедания

Small plate

The standard serving size might look small on a large plate, and it depends more on the plate than the volume of the food. Use smaller plates or bowls will prevent overeating.

Side dishes

Side dishes count too. Many of us like to eat some bread as a side dish. However, if you already have starchy carbs per serving, for example rice, potatoes or pasta, you’ll double portion of carbs. So if you know you want some bread, lay out all starchy food on the plate.

Measuring bowls and cups

Measuring cups can help in the proper preparation of foods such as pasta and rice. Using measuring cups will help you to estimate how much food you actually need.


You have a sweet tooth? Well, but your dessert does not always have to contain sugar. An Apple or some low-fat yogurt with berries will satisfy the need for sweets without the additional fats and sugars.


You finish eating and want more? Wait about 20 minutes before you get to the second portion. You may need some time to feel full after eating, so give your brain time to catch up, and you may not need this extra.