‘The advice of a physician’: the Prime Minister of Britain admitted to hospital because of coronavirus

The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital due to the coronavirus. About it writes The Guardian.

'По совету врача': премьер-министр Британии госпитализирован из-за коронавируса

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That Johnson is ill, it became known 10 days ago, he had all the symptoms of the coronavirus, including fever, which caused the public to doubt that he can lead the country during a pandemic.

Johnson was taken to an unnamed London hospital on Sunday, April 5, after a few days of regular symptoms, during which time he was samotorova. Last week at the official residence of the Prime Minister denied that Johnson is seriously ill.

Representative Downing street said: “On the advice of his doctor tonight, the Prime Minister was admitted to the hospital for tests. This is a precautionary step because the Prime Minister has persistent symptoms of coronavirus within 10 days after a positive test result for the presence of the virus”. The representative said that Johnson will remain in hospital “for as long as necessary”.

Officials emphasized that this was not an emergency admission, and that Johnson will remain in charge of the government and will maintain regular contacts with colleagues and civil servants.

Monday, April 6, in the morning, a government source told reporters that Johnson spent the night in the hospital.

If his condition worsens, Dominic Raab, foreign Minister and first Secretary of state, appointed by the Minister, who will be responsible for all. It is expected that Raab will preside at 9:15 on Monday at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee C-19, which governs the response to the pandemic.

April 6 the pound fell against the dollar and Euro overnight, as currency markets are scared of the possibilities of getting Johnson out of action.

Johnson had hoped to leave quarantine on Friday, April 3, but its constant temperature meant that he had to stay in his apartment in Downing street.

Sources reported to journalists that Johnson was more seriously ill than he or his officials were willing to admit, and that he was examined by the doctors, worried about his breath.

But Downing street flatly denied that the health of the Prime Minister has seriously deteriorated, and insisted that at the time had no plans of hospitalisation.

5 APR health Minister Matt Hancock asked how sick Prime Minister: “He’s fine. I talked to him every day, several times a day. But he still has a fever. He added: “He works in Downing street. He’s in a good mood.”

Hancock himself only recently emerged from isolation after a positive test result for coronavirus, although its symptoms, apparently, was much weaker.

Partner Johnson, Carrie Symonds, who is pregnant, said on Saturday, April 4, that it also hurts the virus, but is recovering.

Although the Prime Minister’s office did not say what tests Johnson will take to the hospital, the experts stated that they probably will focus on evaluating how the lungs, heart and other organs of the Prime Minister react to the virus.

“The doctors will monitor important vital signs such as oxygen saturation, said Dr. Rupert Beale, who heads the laboratory of cell biology and infection at the Institute of Francis Crick in London. They will also check blood tests to see how does the immune response to the virus, and to evaluate the function of the liver and kidneys. They will perform an electrocardiogram to check the heart. More complex tests may include a CT scan of the chest to get an accurate picture of the lungs.”

Keyr Starmer, the new labour leader, was among a number of members of Parliament, who wrote his best wishes to Johnson.

“I wish the Prime Minister success and a speedy recovery,” he wrote.

Jeremy hunt, former health Minister and main competitor Johnson for leadership of the conservatives in 2019, wrote on Twitter: “My thoughts are with Boris Johnson tonight. Whatever their political beliefs, the whole country is United in the fact that he wants our Prime Minister recovered and recovered as soon as possible”.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first Minister, wrote on Twitter: “I Wish the Prime Minister all the best and a speedy recovery.”

Donald trump, the President of the United States, began his press briefing on Sunday, April 5, in the evening, passing the good wishes, Johnson

“He’s a great friend of mine, — said trump about his British colleague. I’m sure he’ll be fine, he is very strong man.”

Johnson’s hospitalization occurred after the Ministry of health said that the number of deaths in the hospital, made up 4934 person by 17:00 on Saturday, an increase of 621 4313 against the previous day.

Also on Sunday, April 5, scientists warned that the kits for home testing for the presence of antibodies, commissioned by the government after Johnson said they can become a “game changer” may not detect up to half of the cases of the coronavirus.

It was assumed that the kits will be available to the General public in a few days.

Scientists involved in the test kits for home testing, said that no test in the market has not proved sufficiently reliable. One expert said that they often detect only 50-60% of people with milder symptoms.

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