The airport of Los Angeles is looking for 500 ‘fake passengers’: what they should do

The international airport of Los Angeles is looking for 500 people to ensure that they tested the new terminal. It is planned to open this summer, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Аэропорт Лос-Анджелеса ищет 500 'фальшивых пассажиров': что они должны делать

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The task of the so-called passengers to behave badly, and sometimes entirely unthinkable while waiting and boarding the flight, to test the readiness and safety of the site.

The airport decided on a similar experiment. I think it would be easy? Perhaps, but remember that the terminal has 12 new gates, which has never been used — and you can be part of a planned obstacles along the way.

“We’re going to write scripts to check processes on a particular day. From 150-300 people some will be in wheelchairs, as well as young people who rush to the gate, and the elderly,” says strategic Advisor LA World airport Robert L. Gilbert.

The objective of this review is to ensure that the emergency services personnel, employees of airlines and concessionaires, as well as employees equipment know how to operate the terminal at a cost of $ 1.6 billion, which connects the international terminal Tom Bradley via a tunnel length of 1000 feet, and to navigate it. This means that you need to know what to do if the boarding bridge is not working properly or stopped the plane locks the gate for the incoming flight, or a passenger falls and breaks his leg in the tunnel, or somebody’s child is lost.

Troubleshooting can also be simple to make sure that signs are clear enough to deliver passengers to their goal.

“We simulate what it’s rush hour or busy day or even a month,” says Gilbert.

Anyone who agrees will get the chance first to enter the new terminal, for example, to become the first driver of the car, drove on the freeway 405 or the first passenger of the Expo Line. You need to fill in the questionnaire volunteers MSC Trials that requests a lot of information, including your driver’s license and passport numbers USA.

Then Gilbert and his team test candidates on security and looking for the right demographics — seniors, disabled, families, etc. — “to make sure we repeat our standard traffic flow”. Tests will be conducted six weeks before the opening of the terminal.

The people chosen for the test, will receive an e-mail scripts the day before their appearance. In the day of his appointment, the fake passengers will meet at the gathering place, will wear distinctive uniforms (come up with something unflattering orange color to make them easy to identify), and then mixed with the other passengers to play a role.

Volunteers can stay in place for about half a day. Drinks and food will provide.