The American killed the son of a prominent judge and himself: his mind broke the marriage with a Russian woman

“Anti-feminist” lawyer Roy Den Hollander, broke up with his Russian wife almost 20 years ago, came to the house of a Federal judge in new Jersey, shot her 20-year-old son and wounded her husband, after which he committed suicide, writes the New York Post. The lawyer his ex-wife says that misogynist Hollander was still in the marriage, but after divorce all has seriously deteriorated.

Американец убил сына известной судьи и застрелился: его психику сломал брак с россиянкой

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“In my opinion, he was a controlling, misogynistic, sexist, delusional, and troubled man before his marriage broke up, the lawyer said Nicholas Mundy on Tuesday, July 21. But my help this poor girl to prevent its subsequent attempts to control and destroy it in the context of divorce and immigration, was able to push him away”.

For 72-year-old den Hollander, dying from melanoma, the crisis came in the afternoon on Sunday, July 19, when he appeared in North Brunswick, state of new Jersey, judge Esther Salas, disguised as a FedEx deliveryman, shot her 20-year-old son and injuring her husband judge.

Monday, July 20, Hollander was found dead — he shot himself in a wooded area of new York’s Catskills, putting an end to what was documented in his rambling online Manifesto, as a long-standing hatred of women.

This was also fully reflected in the lawsuit in 2008, which Den Hollander filed against the Federal government. The lawsuit describes in detail his brief, turbulent Union with his Russian wife Alina Cepelinai. As shown by the records, the lawsuit was rejected later that year.

They met when Den Hollander worked in Moscow in Agency, corporate investigation, Kroll Associates, and were married in Krasnodar, Russia, in March 2000, according to a statement from den Hollander. Shipilin received a temporary visa to the United States, and by July the couple lived in new York, according to the newspaper.

But within a few months Den Hollander has amassed a number of alleged complaints about his new wife, including that she used it to get a green card and falsely claimed to police that he insulted her. These false complaints can hinder her chances of finding suitable employment and housing. In such cases, it is best to consult a lawyer who can prove your innocence and seek Tampa sealing and expungements records to erase all the criminal records.

Court documents show that by December 2000, the couple reached a divorce settlement without a trial.

Based on Federal case den Hollander filed on Valentine’s Day 2008, lay a complex assertion that the accusation of abuse was invented to allow Shipilina to remain in the country in accordance with the Law on violence against women, which he called a ploy by feminists, designed to use men to their advantage.

“Currently, the law created by feminist lobbying, according to which foreign women are prone to criminal harassment, can become permanent residents and eventually U.S. citizens, just saying that their husbands abused them, and never will matter that these women are lying, that they committed crimes of moral tolerance or used fraud and perjury to get into the US and stay here,” wrote Den Hollander in one rambling passage.

“Practically and deliberately, the Law on violence against women… creates a process by which the constitutional rights of American men who marry or are considering to marry foreign women violated, to correct the inability of feminists to make American men love them,” said ibid.

Citing privacy concerns, Mundy refused to discuss the details of the marriage of den Hollander and Cepelinai, which, in turn, also declined to comment.

But his opinion about the deal den Hollander said it all.

“He really was a terrible hatred of all women — especially women in power, e.g., to judges, and he was obsessed with revenge against anyone who, in his opinion, crossed him, — said Mundy. — He threatened and he spoke disparagingly about judges in legal documents and letters to the court. He did not hesitate to be unprofessional and to Express their opinion that way.”

Deeming it “a very dangerous and terrible” and “unfit for legal practice,” Mundy filed a disciplinary complaint against den Hollander in 2003.

But Den Hollander has continued to practice law until recent months, launching years of frivolous litigation on discrimination, focused on everything from women’s nights in clubs and training of women at Columbia University to conscription only for men.

In the latter case, with judge Salas Hollander formed a fixation on her personality, documented in his online records. He alternately called Salas a “hot” and expressed a desire to meet with her, described her as “lazy and incompetent Latin judge appointed by Obama.”

As soon as his cancer progressed, Den Hollander eventually abandoned the still ongoing case. But his concern Salas continued, and on Sunday he brought his hatred to her doorstep, shot dead by her son Daniel and injuring her husband, 63-year-old Mark Anderle. The judge was in the basement and were not injured.

The next day Den Hollander was found dead in a wooded area of Rockland, state of new York, near the gun believed used in the attack, and a package or envelope addressed to Salas.

“Never in my wildest imagination I would not have believed that any person I encounter in real life will be able to do something like that,’ said Mundy. But in 25 years of practice, if I had to choose one person who could be capable of such heinous actions, this would be it. He was crazy, hiding in plain sight on his suit, tie and a diploma of the lawyer.”

According to “Medusa”, Esther Salas was born in California in a family of Cuban and Mexican. In 2011, President Barack Obama appointed her judge of the Federal district court of new Jersey. She became the first latina in this position. Her most high-profile case was the case about the financial machinations of the heroes of the reality show “Real Housewives of new Jersey” Teresa and Joe Giudice.

Salas recently started to consider the case against Deutsche Bank. Investors accused the Bank of lying about its policy against money laundering and lenient attitude towards such high-risk clients like Jeffrey Epstein.