The American pilot died trying to prove that the Earth is flat

American Amateur pilot Mike Hughes, known as “crazy Mike”, died during the flight, them built the rocket steam engine. About it writes BBC.

Американский пилот погиб, пытаясь доказать, что Земля плоская

Screenshot: YouTube/Germany

64-year-old pilot was a supporter of the theory that the Earth is actually flat, and he intended to prove that, in his rocket to a height of 1525 meters.

In the video, which circulated on social networks, you can see how the Hughes missile rises into the sky, and then falls to the ground near the launch site in the desert in California.

Judging by these pictures, the parachute opened too early, a few seconds after takeoff.

The launch was filmed for a series of documentary films “Homemade astronaut”, dedicated to the people who build the rockets at home. This low-budget transfer was to be aired on the us Science Channel.

The Sheriff of San Bernardino in California reported that police responded to the launch site on Saturday, February 22, around 14.00 local time.

“The man was declared dead as a result of falling missiles out in the desert,” — said the Sheriff’s office.

The former agent Hughes Darren Shuster said he was a unique man.

“God created Mike’s not a pattern. He was a real person and lived always on the edge. And he wouldn’t want some other end! Rest in peace,” said Schuster.

“Mad Mike” built a rocket with a steam engine in his yard. He spent on this project is approximately $18 000.

It was not his first flight in an attempt to prove the theory that the Earth is flat. In March of 2019, he rose to a height of 570 meters, and then released a parachute and made a hard landing.

“Am I pleased that I did it? I think, Yes. I find out for sure tomorrow morning: I will probably be hard to get out of bed. At least today I can go home to dinner and to see my cats,” said an Amateur pilot after the incident.

In 2002, Hughes was in the Guinness Book of records, having made the leap to the limo. Speeding fishtail “Lincoln town car”, he flew more than 31 meters.