The American played the lottery with the same numbers and get rich

Американка играла в лотерею с одними и теми же числами и разбогатела

In 1993, a resident of Maryland won in state lottery Bonus Match 5 of 50 thousand dollars. Since then, she bought tickets every two weeks, writes

Wednesday, November 9, the woman decided to try his luck again, bought a lottery ticket the same company and used the same numbers as 26 years ago. She typed a series of numbers which is made up of birthdays and other important dates, and again won 50 thousand dollars.

“I had 15 times to review the newspaper with the winning numbers before I could believe my eyes,” admitted the winner.

The woman said that the majority of the prize money will go to pay the bills. The remaining amount she plans to spend on a trip to Paris.

Earlier it was reported about the man who for 13 years played the lottery with the same numbers and hit the jackpot. He could not believe his luck and decided to save for the future.