The American tore the Nazi flag in the yard of a neighbor and was shot in the back

During the party the American tried to break in and carry a flag with Nazi symbols hanging in the yard of a neighbor. For a neighbor shot her in the back, writes the BBC.

Американка сорвала нацистский флаг во дворе соседа и получила пулю в спину

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Shot for the flag

The incident occurred in the American town of hunter in Oklahoma.

As report in local police, the woman was at a friends party, when they decided to remove one of the flags hanging in a nearby yard.

When she did and ran away, the owner of the yard, 44-year-old Alexander Fister, shot her in the back of a semi-automatic rifle.

26-year-old woman, whose name was not disclosed, received four wounds, which, according to doctors, not life threatening.

The shooter was arrested.

It is also reported that the flag, which took the woman, was embroidered with a swastika.

Witnesses say that Alexander Fister fired without warning, and then put outside his house a red pickup truck as a barricade.

However, the detention by the police, he had no resistance.

According to the local Sheriff Jody helm, she was defiantly trying to steal the flag, but she herself, in comments to NBC News denied it and called it “inconsistent information” about his motives.

What is known about the shooter

Home Alexander Fister found various firearms — only 14 items and ammunition. However, law enforcers did not specify whether it is all legal.

Now he is accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

One of the neighbors of Alexander Fister on condition of anonymity, said that the flags, because of which everything happened, hang it in the yard for about a year and they’ve been kidnapped.

Also an unnamed neighbor claims that Fister sometimes dressed in a black uniform with a red swastika on the sleeve that resembled the Nazi SS uniform. However, there are no conflicts with him had not arisen.

The district attorney’s office still must decide whether or not to remove a woman charged with the attempted theft of the flag.