The American twice in a year and a half won the lottery for $1 million

Американец дважды за полтора года выиграл в лотерею по $1 млн

The first time a resident of Massachusetts took a lump sum payment of the prize and the second choose to receive the money in installments over 20 years.

A resident of Massachusetts, Rolf Rhodes for one and a half years, two times won the instant lottery $1 million reported by the Agency UPI.

The first time an American won $1 million on 22 may 2018. Then he decided to take a lump sum prize of $650 thousand before taxes.

Last week, Rhodes once again bought a lottery ticket at the gas station and won another million. At this time, the man choose to receive annual payments over 20 years $50 thousand before taxes.

Instant lotteries in the US are much more replicable, does not imply the choice of numbers and filling out forms, and waiting the final draw. Party it is only necessary to erase a protective field and find out whether he won or not. The main prizes in the instant lottery only in rare cases is measured in six-figure sums.