The American, upon learning that his wife has a lover, did not avenge him, and sued him $750 thousand under the old law about ‘stealing the affections’ (PHOTO)

Американец, узнав, что у его супруги есть любовник, не стал ему мстить, а отсудил у него $750 тысяч по старому закону о 'краже привязанности' (ФОТО)

The court in North Carolina has rendered an unusual decision in the case of treason.

Kevin Howard, upon learning that his wife was cheating on him, not snatched with fists on the wife’s lover, did not track him down to seek revenge, and turned
to the court to punish the opponent financially.

In its lawsuit, Kevin demanded to pay him 750 thousand dollars in damages under the old us law, the provisions of which have long been one in the courts is not used.

According to local newspaper WITN Howard used the law on “alienation of affections”, which States that if one of the spouses has committed adultery, the other is entitled to sue him or his mistress(lover) demanding reparations for the “purposeful intervention in marital relationships”, in which there was “emotional alienation” of a spouse.

In most US States it has been abolished long ago, but in North Carolina it’s still active, as well as in several other States – Mississippi, new Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Hawaii.

Kevin Howard has been in the marriage for 12 years, but one day the wife asked him about divorce. The pair went to couples counseling, but it didn’t help. The man decided to hire a private detective who found out that his wife cheated on him with a colleague.

Then Howard and appealed to the court, who eventually won. Now the wife’s lover must pay 750 thousand dollars.

As notes the edition, Howard insisted in court that it’s not about the money. “I sued because I think it is extremely important that people understand the sanctity of marriage, which is especially important today, when morality and conjugal responsibility questioned. Therefore, it is important that the government in this debate have supported me,” he said.

Attorney Howard said that this sum paid for “stealing emotional attachment,” in her the practice is not uncommon. The largest compensation in a similar case, which was in its practice, was 5.9 million dollars, and the smallest only 60 thousand dollars.

But 2019 will be likely to last when the law acts on the territory of the United States.

As for Howard, who received $ 750 thousand, with the wife he divorced. And now busy healing the mental scars.