The American was detained at the airport for 20 packs of chips in Luggage

Американку задержали в аэропорту из-за 20 пачек чипсов в багаже

As writes The Sun, the American was stopped at the border control at the airport after employees of the transportation security Administration noticed 20 packets of crisps in her bag.

Emily Rumble, is that the passenger has posted video of the incident in his Twitter and stated that buys chips in America to treat their friends in Korea where it flew. The girl said that the chips “hard to get” in the destination.

In footage posted a video of a TSA agent takes out the packet of crisps from the bag of a passenger. The employee also wipes each pack to check for the presence of chemicals or explosives. The video shows at least 7 packs checked, the agent continues take them out and put aside.

Emily wrote: “I will Never forget the day when TSA stopped me because they thought I was hiding something bad in my bag — because all I have is 20 packages with sharp chips”.

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