The Americans adopted a girl from Ukraine and suspected her adult midget

In Indiana charged with foster parents, adopted an orphan from Ukraine. They are suspected of leaving the child unattended. But the parents claim that the girl had deceived them, and in fact at the time of adoption was an adult. This writes Lenta.Ru.

Американцы удочерили девочку из Украины и заподозрили в ней взрослую карлицу

Christine Barnett
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In 2010, Michael and Christine Barnett adopted an eight-year girl from Ukraine, suffering from congenital spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia — a developmental disorder of bone that causes dwarfism. She came to the United States in 2008 and the first time was living with another family, and later renounced it.

Age daughter from the very beginning called the Barnett doubts. In June 2010, they showed it to the doctor, who confirmed that the girl was eight years old. In 2012, she had a new inspection. This time her age was estimated at 11 years, a year longer than the documents.

To approve Christine Barnett, the third specialist came to the conclusion that the orphan is an adult woman; the conclusion was made in the teeth and secondary sexual characteristics.

In the same year, according to authorities, the couple appealed to the court of probate the state of Indiana and officially changed the age of his daughter for 22 years. Officials have not explained how it was done. After a few months the whole family, except her, moved to Canada. The Ukrainian left one in Lafayette (in).

In 2012, the girl was placed in a psychiatric hospital where she was diagnosed with psychopathic personality disorder and admitted sociopath. Around the same time she started saying that she’s over 18. To determine its true age was difficult, because the records provided by the Ukrainian officials were extremely incomplete, and her innate spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, meant that a typical estimate of the age will not help.

For several months she lived in the apartment, removed the foster parents. She had no money, so had to rely on the help of neighbors. In may 2014, the orphan evicted for non-payment. Information on its further destiny is almost there. It is known that several years after these events, she wanted to adopt another couple, however, Barnett was against it. Later, the new family changed her mind about the adoption for reasons that were not specified.

Police adheres to the version that the age of orphans listed in the documents are true. This is confirmed by the testimony of Michael Barnett, who believes that his adopted daughter was a minor. According to him, in 2012, Christine taught the girl to say that her real age is 22 years and she just looks younger than his years.

Although charges were filed, none of the Barnett has not yet been brought to justice. Court records do not indicate whether they have a lawyer, but authorities have hinted that they could appear even more strange details of this case.

In addition to the adopted Ukrainka, the Barnett is the son of Jacob Barnett, who at 2 years was diagnosed with autism. When the doctors said he can never speak or have normal social relations, Christine began to teach him at home. To 12 years the boy was recognized as a genius of physics. Christine has published a memoir, “the spark: mother’s story of nurturing genius-autistic”. Critics wrote that “Barnett not only fights heroically on behalf of Jake, but overcomes all other obstacles that prevent her and her family to live.”