The Americans began to supply the amazing robot dog (video)

Американцы начали поставки удивительных роботов-собак (видео)

US company Boston Dynamics has announced the beginning of deliveries of robot dogs SpotMini. This writes the resource Medusa.

It is reported that on his Youtube-Canale the company issued a promovideo with the characteristics of the robot. It can run at speeds of 1.6 meters per second and can operate in temperatures from -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. SpotMini has a 360-degree camera that provides full overview, it is water and dust proof.

To the public SpotMini until. The first limited edition (currently the company has 20 robots) will be delivered to major companies operating in the field of construction, energy and public safety. For example, the robot can search for gas leaks and make detailed emergency plans of buildings where the people go is dangerous.

The cost SpotMini not disclosed. The CNN experts have suggested that robot would cost “as new machine”.

In the short term, Boston Dynamics plans to produce at least a thousand robots. On the website of the company can request a purchase SpotMini.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the engineers of the American company Boston Dynamics “taught” humanoid robot Atlas new tricks. Now he can, like a real gymnast, somersaulting, jump with a turn and spin around its axis.

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