The analyst called the main effects of coronaries for Ukraine

Quarantine due to coronavirus and economic crisis will have a strong influence on global processes in the world, who feel, and Ukraine.

Аналитик назвал главные последствия коронакризиса для Украины

This is referred to in the interview chief editor of “Hvilya” Yuriy Romanenko, a political analyst Maxim Yali.

Yali said that the trend toward social distancing will remain even after the removal of quarantine restrictions, the more that it is very likely the second wave of the pandemic, which will entail a new quarantine.

“There is kuchkovanie… the Internet, social media gave the opportunity to unite even the freak of freaks, who used to consider himself a rogue. This process will increase”.

Negative, he called the trend of a decline of the welfare state, which strongly touches and Ukraine: “I mean online education. You can reduce many of the teachers, to the building, the land…It is a touching not only the lower and secondary education and higher”. Thus, a classical education (standard), becomes elite.

Another trend Yali called the growth of a global trend in the gap between the poorest and the richest, which is manifested during coronaries.

“Most of viscoplasticity class and middle class have lost the most, while retailers are cashing in, like “Epicenter”, — he said.