The analyst called the size of the salary that the Ukrainians did not go to work

Government promises of cheap loans will not keep migrant workers and the majority of those who had returned during the quarantine, go back across the border.

Эксперт назвал размер зарплаты, чтобы украинцы не ехали на заработки

This was stated by the President of the Ukrainian Association of international companies on the employment of Basil voskobojnik in the comments

According to experts, “95 percent of Ukrainians never think to open their own business”. Voskoboynik believes that access to bars and restaurants, as recommended by the Minister of economy in Ukraine unpromising, as the people have no money to go to the restaurant, and it didn’t pay off.

Recently the sociological group “Rating” conducted in 24 cities a survey of 19 400 people. 61% of young people between 18 to 29 years are going to go to work abroad. Ukrainians aged 39 — 49 years — every second person wants to leave to work abroad. 45% of all respondents want to leave to work abroad, because they do not have enough money for normal level of life.

“Nobody has the right to keep the Ukrainians, because the government violates the freedom of movement of citizens. These attempts can result in the resignation of the government. To hold the employees can only growth,” — said voskobojnik.

According to him, most Ukrainians enough in Ukraine to make $600 dollars, then they are ready to stay home. But today the state cannot provide this level of earnings.

“The median salary for all regions is 7600 UAH. To keep the Ukrainians at home, they have to pay 18 000 hryvnia, with the new dollar. In conditions of economic crisis it is impossible” – summed up voskobojnik.