The appeal of trump to Congress: live stream in Russian language

4 Feb 2020 21:00 Eastern standard time US President Donald trump will speak to a joint session of Congress with the annual address “On state of the Union” (State of the Union).

Обращение Трампа к Конгрессу: прямая трансляция на русском языке

Address to the nation in 2019. Photo: Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen

State of the Union — annual message of the American President to Congress. Article II, Section 3 of the US Constitution reads: “the President to periodically give Congress information on the situation in the country and recommend to its consideration such measures as he deems necessary and advisable.” In the appeal, the President of the United States provides its assessment of what is happening in the state and speaks about upcoming initiatives.

In December 2019, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi sent the White house a formal invitation to the President of the United States Donald Trump to speak in Congress, despite the ongoing impeachment process.

In the letter, Pelosi said: “In the spirit of respect for our Constitution, I invite You to speak with a message about the situation in the country at the joint session of both chambers of Congress on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 in the House of representatives”. The President has accepted the invitation of the speaker.

The message of the American President is many months of work. In the preparation of the appeal involves economists, experts on foreign policy and social sphere. They all work on the parts of the document, which then lead to the final form of the staff of the presidential administration and the “grind” speechwriters. The final version of the treatment given to the story by your own President who can make changes. Donald trump large texts doesn’t approve of, but making changes often.

Watch live performances of Donald trump, with simultaneous translation into Russian language:



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