The appointment of Kateri Champagne Jourdain well received on the North Shore

Kateri Champagne Jourdain's appointment well received on the North Shore< /p> UPDATE DAY

The appointment of Kateri Champagne Jourdain as Minister of Employment has generated very positive reactions on the North Shore. 

Senator Michèle Audette, also from of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, felt that a positive message had been sent in favor of bringing together Aboriginal peoples and the Quebec nation.

“When I saw the choice of the ministry that the Prime Minister offered him, it showed that no matter who we are, we are able to get there. Even more so for Indigenous women who prove that we can be everywhere, that we don't have to be labeled for a ministry that touches on Indigenous issues,” the senator told TVA Nouvelles.

Thursday , Kateri Champagne Jourdain was first sworn in Innu, then in French in the Blue Room of the National Assembly.

Two days earlier, she made history by being the first Aboriginal woman to enter the Blue Room.

Shortly after her appointment as minister, the politician stressed in a press briefing that she was satisfied with the responsibilities that François Legault entrusted to her.

In addition, she is delighted with the confirmation of her colleague Ian Lafrenière as Minister of Indigenous Affairs.

“We have an excellent minister who is in place. I am very happy to continue his mandate. He worked hard and went to meet the 55 communities during the pandemic. He has worked to establish a solid relationship,” said Kateri Champagne Jourdain.

No deputy from the Côte-Nord has been appointed minister for 40 years.

The last one is Lucien Lessard, who held various ministries between 1976 and 1982 under the Lévesque government.

“We will promote dialogue and perhaps we will be listened to much more than we were in the past, over the past four decades,” said Sept-Îles Mayor Steeve Beaupré, who referred to the five million dollars pledged by Kateri Champagne Jourdain for the construction of a new arena during the election campaign.

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