The Arctic climate can change dramatically in the near future — scientists

The climate of different regions may change dramatically in the relatively near future due to gradual destruction of permafrost, which is now happening.

Климат Арктики может резко измениться в ближайшем будущем — ученые

This is evidenced by the results of research scientists from McGill University (Canada), the press service of the University.

Previous studies in this area, as a rule, have testified to the gradual degradation of the permafrost with little direct impact on the climate.

Usually researchers simulate climate change, looking back and forth 20-30-year intervals, which you can skip the rapid changes in this period occur, the researchers note.

Researchers from McGill University analyzed the impact of changes in the permafrost on a more granular level.

Starting more thoroughly analyze climate model of the Arctic, we noticed a sharp change in soil moisture, as well as a sharp increase in rainfall intensity, with a possible increase in the frequency of lightning and forest fires, — the researchers note.

In their detailed study, they used data from climate models for the period 1970-2100 years.

We forecast a sharp decline in soil moisture (over several months) in response to the degradation of permafrost over large areas of the modern region of permafrost, the researchers said.

The fact that, according to forecasts, these changes will happen overnight, exacerbates the problems associated with adaptation to climate change and the possible need to retrofit existing infrastructure, the researchers note.

On Arctic infrastructure, particularly strongly affected by the permafrost degradation and associated changes of moisture in the soil, researchers note.