The artist created traffic jams on Google Maps, carrying on the streets a truck with 99 smartphones

German artist Simon Weckert conducted an experiment to show how the conditional can be the results of advanced services, such as Google Maps. Description of the experiment he published in his blog and on YouTube, writes Ain.Ua.

Художник создавал пробки на Google Maps, возя по улицам тележку с 99 смартфонами

Photo: Depositphotos

The goal was to create the Google Maps of non-existent traffic. For this the artist used a cart loaded with 99 b/y-smartphones.

“Thus it is possible to turn “green” street in the “red” that affects the real world: the machines choose another route to not get stuck in traffic,” he writes.

Simon emphasizes that the virtual services such as Google Maps, are changing the lives of cities in reality. “Google maps has fundamentally changed our understanding of what a map is and how we interact with it, what are its technical limitations and how it looks. Thus (as in the experiment) Google Maps makes virtual changes in a real city,” writes the artist.

Streets, where went, Simon, were hardly loaded machines, most likely because drivers tried to avoid the “red” areas