The astonishing renewal of the Parti Québécois

The amazing renewal of the Parti Québ&écois


It is generally understood: the Parti Québécois could disappear in October. At best, some say, he will keep a single deputy, Pascal Bérubé, who would become, for our time, a hybrid between René Chaloult and Fabien Roy. 

It is not a impossible scenario. But it is not the only possible one. 

Because we are witnessing an astonishing renewal of the PQ, which manages to attract quality candidates, while it has no chance of forming the next government. It also attracts a new generation of independence activists who come to remind us that the national cause is not one of gray heads. How to explain it?


Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, the leader of the PQ, undertook, since his election in the fall of 2020, to refocus his party on its fundamental objective: independence. Many have seen it as a foolish bet: the national question seems to be absent from our political life today. 

In fact, it is only partly so. 

From Law 21 to Law 96, through the debates on immigration, without forgetting the dumps of hatred that come to us from English Canada, and more particularly, from its representatives in Montreal, that is the question coming back. 

I insist on this last element: they wanted us to believe that despite the circumstantial disagreements between the levels of government, Montreal cohabitation was rather peaceful. 

We discover that this is false. Anti-Quebec hatred has become normalized and trivialized. 

I resist the temptation to speak of anti-Quebec racism, since the term “racism ” is misused. today. And Quebecers are not a race! 

But we still have to talk about a hostility that no longer hides, and that has the nerve to present itself in the honeyed language of inclusive society . 

But I return to my subject: the national question returns. 

The CAQ contributes to this renaissance, and at the same time, it inhibits it. 

It contributes to it by making nationalism the heart of its political rhetoric. 

It inhibits it to the extent that it never explains to us what it will do when it finds that the Canadian regime is structurally blocked from all Quebec claims. 

There are two CAQs. That of Sonia LeBel and Pascale Déry and that of Bernard Drainville and Simon Jolin-Barette. Which will win?

It is in this context that the PQ finds a political space and that its renewal bears fruit.

It does so by revealing the contradictions of the CAQ and by brandishing its own ideal. 

Two million

He also does so by reminding Quebecers that independence is not corny. The advertisement recently reminding us that there are two million Quebecers ready to vote Yes was effective.

We tend to forget this, but it's very true.

I don't I don't know if the PQ will survive the next election. 

The strong tendency is playing against it. But the trend of recent weeks suggests that he could survive, surprise, and keep alive the flame of the country of independence in the National Assembly when it will be needed more than ever.

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