The attack on the synagogue in Halle and Turkish cafe 27-year-old neo-Nazi Stephen Bullet was streaming in the Internet. His murders he filmed (PHOTO)

A man fired on a synagogue in the German city of Halle, rushing a few grenades and killed two people, was 27-year-old German citizen Stefan Bullit. The offender who consider themselves neo-Nazis, attacked the synagogue in the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur a day of fasting, repentance and remission of sins to stage a massacre. At that moment in the synagogue were 80 to 100 people. But as a result of his bullets killed bystanders – a man and a woman, who had no visitors of the synagogue.

Police considers as the basic version of the attack “right-wing extremist” views of the criminal. As stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany, Horst Seehofer, “we proceed from the fact that it was an anti-Semitic attack.” It is alleged that Stephen Bullet was originally a single, and the version of multiple attackers was not confirmed.

According to investigators, 27-year-old German was carefully prepared for the attack and insisted that his crime was known to as many people. For the preparation to attack and their arrival at the synagogue he videotaped and posted to the Internet live. The video lasted 35 minutes, at the moment it is removed from the streaming platform.

The investigators believe that the Bullet imitated arrow from new Zealand to Christchurch, which carried out the attacks in mosques. Speaking about the impending attack, Stefan in his video said in English that “the root of all problems – the Jews.” He showed not only a place of future crimes, but also the weapon that will kill the Jews, told how he will blow the door of the synagogue.

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Broadcasting to the Network the time of the attack on the synagogue, and the Bullet killed a bystander, coolly shot her in the back.

After the mass murder of Jews, he failed 27-year-old neo-Nazi detonated near the building of an improvised explosive device.

He then fled in a car c the crime scene and a few blocks from there saw a Turkish diner. There he stopped, deciding to kill if not Jews, then of Arabs. He threw inside a pyrotechnic product and shot through the window, hitting one man. The victim has died. Several people were injured.

This time the Bullet caught the police, a gun battle ensued in which the offender received the first wound. It is also seen on the footage, uploaded them to the Internet.

Then the killer went to the car in Landsberg, located 15 kilometers to the East of Halle, where he again opened fire. Stopping at one of the garages in the town Presdorf, the offender is required to give it to him. Staff workshop refused him, then the Ballet is shot in car electronics. The wounded was delivered to the helicopter rescue to the hospital in Galle. He underwent surgery, his life threatens nothing.

Taking in the garage cab, a neo-Nazi headed for the Federal highway B91. But there he was in a car accident. According to Bild, the shooter’s car collided with a truck on the highway about 40 km from Halle. Arrived at the special forces of the police of Germany arrested the offender, in the trunk of the car the weapons were found.

The series of armed attacks were stopped. Now the case for investigation which should find out all the circumstances of the attack and the motives of the shooter.

In connection with the attack on the synagogue the German Federal police took all the synagogues in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt am main, as well as in several other cities in the South-West of the country. Also strengthened surveillance at train stations and airports in Central Germany.

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas in his Twitter urged to vsegermanskogo combating anti-Semitism. “Shots in the synagogue on the day of atonement Yom Kippur were shots to us in the heart. We all need to speak out against anti-Semitism in our country” – wrote the Minister.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned urged the German authorities to fight antisemitism. “Terrorist act against a community in the German city of Halle on Yom Kippur, the most Holy day for our people, is yet another manifestation of anti-Semitism in Europe. I urge the German authorities to take decisive action against anti-Semitism”, – quotes the statements of the Prime Minister his office.