The Australian city was immersed in the orange haze. The country was hit by the heat, fires and dust storms (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Австралийский город погрузился в оранжевую мглу. Страну накрыли жара, пожары и пыльные бури (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Australia suffers from extreme weather. In many areas he established strong heat. At the end of last week in Western Australia, the temperature rose to 45.4°C. In the state of South Australia in some places has been updated records the maximum value (of 46.6°C) was recorded in Nullarbor. 21 November heat wave has come to the state of Victoria, here warmed up to 43.6°C, according to Stormnews with reference to the Australian broadcasting Corporation ABC.

It is very low humidity and strong winds led to catastrophic fire danger. November 20, in South Australia struggled with 45 fires. The most difficult situation was at the city of Yorktown on the York Peninsula, which was threatened by the fire area of 4 thousand ha was Burned at least 11 houses, a few people were injured.

In the state of Victoria blaze 60 fires. The fire threatened human settlements Strathallan, which burned at least two buildings, and Monbulk the suburbs of Melbourne.

Heavy is the situation in the Eastern part of the country. By the end of last week, just in the state of New South Wales since September, fires have destroyed the vegetation in the area more than 1650000 hectares is more than in the previous three years combined. Already burned 476 of 577 houses and outbuildings. In the whole of last season, the fire destroyed only 37 homes.

The most dangerous period began in the state on 8 November. Because of the strong wind and dry weather wildfires destroyed 367 houses, killed four people, dozens of residents were injured. Also severely affected the fauna of the region. The death toll from the fire of coal is estimated at several hundred, many of the animals suffered severe burns.

In addition, the city States of New South Wales and Queensland were covered with smoke. So, 15 November air quality in Port Macquarie was the worst in the world.

South Australia:


New South Wales:

In Victoria on 21 November is also raging strong wind gusts reaching 130 km/h. the results showed damaged roofs and power lines. Without light there are 89 million.

In several areas of the state swept dust storms. And the Mildura hot gusty wind immersed in the orange haze, seriously impeding the visibility and air quality. This settlement due to the drought in recent months, regularly suffering from dust.