The Australian has twice won the jackpot in the lottery due to “errors” when filling in a ticket

Австралиец дважды выиграл джекпот в лотерее из-за «ошибки» при заполнении билета

A resident of Sydney, filling the ticket of the National lottery, made a mistake and won the jackpot ($913 599).

As writes the Mirror, the man used to fill his own system — he put down the figures that are most often chosen in previous runs.

The Aussie decided to cross out the first line of the ticket to correct the order, but accidentally duplicated the same numbers in the second.

“I just bought a QuickPick tickets at random. But then I sat down and saw that some numbers are selected more often and less often, and just used a combination of both. Well, perhaps not a mistake, I had two lines with the same numbers,” said the man.