The Austrian authorities allowed Formula 1 to hold two races on 5 and 12 July

​Австрийские власти разрешили Формуле 1 провести две гонки 5 и 12 июля

The Ministry of health of Austria on Saturday issued an official statement regarding the Grand Prix Formula 1 to be held in the country on 5 and 12 July. The authorities have consented to the holding stages.

“The concept of the Grand Prix behind closed doors, represented by Formula 1 meets the requirements of the Ministry of health to combat the spread of coronavirus. It implies strict sanitary measures, regular tests and examinations for the staff of the circuit and teams. As in the case of the model matches football Bundesliga, which we consider as a model for team sports, this is a very specific rules, providing a high level of protection,” the statement said.

Recall that the Formula 1 season was supposed to start March 13, but the first race was cancelled just hours before it started.

Then the stages began to undo one by one. Because of the coronavirus this year will not take place even the legendary Monaco Grand Prix.

The whole season of F1 in 2020, if the situation permits with the coronavirus, will consist of 12 races.