The average salary for calculation of pensions fell sharply

Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFCs) found the average salary in April at the level of UAH 9325,93.

Показатель средней зарплаты для расчета пенсий резко снизился

This was reported on Facebook page of PFCs.

The law “On compulsory state pension insurance” provides that the average wage in the country is taken into account to determine the amount of the pension.

The average salary in March was 9905,39 UAH. that is 579,46 UAH. more than in April.

The average nominal salary of full-time employee of enterprises, organizations and institutions in April was at the level of UAH 10430. on 8,9% less than in March (11446 UAH).

In April real wages (adjusted for inflation) was lower by 0.4% than in April 2019.