The ban on Ukrainian poultry introduced more than 10 countries

The ban on the import of chicken meat from Ukraine entered more than ten countries. As the press service of the agricultural holding “MHP” (MHP) in Facebook, the decision was made due to the outbreak of bird flu, which was recorded in Vinnytsia region in January of this year.

Запрет на украинскую курятину ввели более 10 стран

Import of poultry banned:

  • Japan;
  • Korea;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Armenia;
  • Of Moldova;
  • Iraq;
  • Philippines;
  • Morocco;
  • Tunisia;
  • Singapore;
  • Kuwait;
  • Saudi Arabia and others.

According to the company, the ban on the import of chicken meat from Ukraine announced China. However, according to media reports, the state foods and consumer service has not confirmed this information.

I hope that European institutions and our partners will soon reconsider its decision in favor of Ukraine“, — stated in the message of the enterprise.

In the MHP noted that according to the regulations of the world organisation for animal health after the detection of bird flu Ukraine has to carry out a full sweep of the territory, where he found flash, and announce the quarantine for a duration of three months. After that any country may send representatives to verify remediation.