The band KAZKA blame of plagiarism

Around the Ukrainian group KAZKA again the clouds are gathering: musicians and their June single “Song Smulevich Ducat” blame plagiarism, Manager Yuri Nikitin to comment on the situation refused. It is a perfect background for the next “scandal” and the feast of haters in social networks, reports the with reference to

Музыкантов группы KAZKA винят в плагиате

September 30, in the vastness of YouTube, and then already and in the media talking about the fact that still relatively fresh track KAZKA was “overheard” from the Korean group Dreamcatcher. After listening to “Pisnyu Smulevich Ducat” and the February track PIRI, do you hear the same sample. But whether it is plagiarism, which is now so vividly discussed in the network? With this question we asked the representative label Mamamusic Andrew Urenio.

Our questions one of the group managers said remotely. But, it seemed, sighs Urania who hears about the next “scandal” around KAZKA was tangible even in the text: “Only do not understand the music people can call to use the samples plagiarism”, he replied.

First of all, the representative Mamamusic asked to pay attention to the information under the video for “Pisnyu Smulevich Ducat” in YouTube, namely the remark, “the Melody iz SOUNDS OF KSHMR vicono Dmitro Mazurek”.

“Sounds of KSHMR is one of royalty-free libraries. Once you buy it and how they want to use samples from them. Any person/artist/musician in the world can buy them and use,” added Urenev.

Sample, which can be heard in both tracks belongs to DJ KSHMR and the group initially did not hide that uses it in its track.

“KSHMR — DJ with Indian roots, he comes up with these melodies, and the musicians from different parts of the world they are played on authentic instruments. The song KAZKA this sample beat Dima to this world-music-tunes to add to our sound,” explained further Renew.

With all this, as he added next, in correspondence with the publication, it is not clear “who needs a new boost” similar “scandals”.

We will remind, earlier in center of this discussion was and the track-millionaire of the group Wept. As it turned out, the reason was the same buying samples from public resources.