The band MAD HEADS UA introduced a new clip

Karaoke“was the first song written by Michael Bezushko together with the band MAD HEADSStanislav Semiletova and Vadim Nikitina. The concept of the song is taken from life and based on real events. It was written after a visit to the boys karaoke bar in Odessa during the tour. It really was insanely fun, so I wanted to make a video in which he tried to convey all the exciting situation that happened to them in reality.

Группа MAD HEADS UA представила новый клип

“Song “Karaoke” written and based on real events. While touring with the band in Odessa, so we were charged concert that we didn’t want this to end. Then we decided to continue it at karaoke. Difficult in a few words to describe how cool this night, it was so bright that it inspired the song “Karaoke”. To learn more about draw a picture of all the mayhem that was happening, we decided to make a video for it”-

said Michael Bezushko.

The clip was directed by Sergei Shlyakhtun – talented filmmaker who has dedicated his life to the development of Ukrainian cinema, not only as a Director but also a stuntman, actor and Director.

“Sergei was very interesting and pleasant to work with. Thanks to its high professional level and rich experience, he is able to inspire, to enchant, to unite very different people, to set objectives and motivate all the same, even the “wild animals”, turning the whole process into a celebration and an exciting adventure! No need to say that we all really wanted this shoot that never ends, we just decided not to leave and are already preparing to film a new movie”-

shared the producer of the group MAD HEADS UA Oksana Mikhailenko, who is also the producer of the winning show “Golos Krainy-8” Olena Lutsenko and orchestra of folk instruments NONE.

The video is a bacchanalia. Fighting women, whether behind the microphone, whether for the vocalist Michael Bezushko. And the frontman feels fine in red bodice surrounded by half-naked women.