The bartender left a lottery ticket instead of a tip, and she won $50 thousand

Бармену оставили лотерейный билет вместо чаевых, и она выиграла $50 тысяч

How to write Fox News , the girl-bartender from Missouri, was very lucky when she received a lottery ticket as a tip from one of his regular customers — it made her $ 50,000 richer.

“Two weeks ago, Taylor Russy got a ticket Powerball from one of my “regular customers” at the bar, Bleachers Bar and Franks in the city O Fallon in Missouri,” the statement reads.

The bartender said that this man, who prefers to remain anonymous, occasionally buys lottery tickets for those who are in the sports bar, especially in special circumstances, for example, during large jackpots.

She received the ticket as a tip on 19 October and was flabbergasted from the lottery terminal the next day that one of the tickets will give its owner a large amount.

“I asked the guys who won all the money and didn’t tell anyone?”, — she recalls.

It turned out that she won Rassi.

According to the Agency, her ticket matched 4 of 5 numbers drawn last Saturday.