The bear broke into the SPA for a swim in the pool and got on video

Медведь ворвался в SPA,чтобы поплавать в бассейне и попал на видео

The bear is one of the most charismatic inhabitants of the forest. Agree that for a massive physique hiding a superior intellect and a rare sincerity, because the beast has a lively facial expressions and lively gestures. Bear can often be seen in the shot with a guitar in his paws, or dancing, but here in the SPA of the four-legged hit for the first time.

So, the Internet spread fun video in which burned a furry friend who climbed in the Bulgarian Spa. The video shows how a bear does not pay attention to vivesse “closed” and insolently falls into a tourist complex. After a few minutes to clumsy Amateur swimming joined two of his fellow furry trio made a collective fun swim in an artificial reservoir, according to Lux FM.

The surveillance footage posted to social networks, and the bear became a favourite with users.

After the video night antics of wild animals became popular in the Bulgarian segment of the Internet, the local authorities decided to capture and euthanize one of the bears, pobedivshego to get into other people’s homes. But the initiative of the authorities was not supported by the Internet users. They organized the collection of signatures in support of the clumsy beast.

More than 6,000 people have signed a petition calling on the police to save Swimmy, and the company that organized the survey even offered to pay someone who will move the bear to a safer location, away from city limits.