The beautiful croquette of chef Mathieu Cloutier

Chef Mathieu Cloutier's beautiful croquette


Croquette is a pretty five-year-old Labernoise. She is a perfect match for Mathieu.

1. What is the reason that led you to have this dog?

When our former dog passed away, I was fundraising for Mira. I was told about Croquette. She was trained at Mira to assist children on the autism spectrum, but was “downgraded” because she was afraid of noises. I went to see her with the kids and it was a perfect match! I would have preferred to let a little more time pass before adopting a dog again. I feared that the transition would not be made because of the enormous mourning, but the stars have aligned. She has been with us for just over two years. At first, the children were hesitant to like it and Croquette had to coax them. She worked hard. She was trained to stick with children. Today, it is the one that soothes us, in the family cocoon. 

2. Are you more “chat” or “dog” and why?

I'm much more “dog” personally, but I grew up in a family surrounded by animals, cats and dogs. For us, it is normal to have animals. My wife is also a dog lover.

3. How to describe Croquette's personality in a few sentences?

He is a big dog who loves human beings! She is very gentle with children and not too excited. She has a great joie de vivre, is a little crazy at times and brings us lots of little pleasures. I've never seen her get mad. She listens very well. I have never had a dog like this! She learned to stick on the child or on the ground. She therefore tends to calm things down at home, with the children. However, she is stubborn. When she has an idea in her head, it's hard to change her mind. Her biggest flaw is that she doesn't really like other dogs. In fact, she is independent, impassive, and has no interest in dogs. Quite the opposite with the humans she loves so much. 

4. Tell us a funny, unusual or particular fact about your animal.

She talks to us while grumbling when she wants something and we are busy. For example, in the morning chaos with the children, if we forget to give her her kibble, she comes to see us and grumbles.

5. What is his favorite activity? 

Taking a walk together. Outside, it is she who holds one end of her leash and walks us. When she wants to go out, she fetches her leash and brings it to me. 

6. What is her favorite place?

At the chalet, we have a large area where she is free. She can run non-stop for hours. She plays, she trippes and doesn't want to go home anymore. The land is her home. This is his spot!

7. What would you have liked to know before adopting Croquette?

Nothing. I'm the type to go with the flow. I always see the “win-win” side in all situations. I'm happy, because I needed an easy dog, given my busy life. For the fact that she is afraid of loud noises (she plays the ostrich when she is afraid), we live in a quiet neighborhood so things are going relatively well. On the day of the oil changes, we organize ourselves to take it out less.

8. Who takes care of your pet when you go on vacation?

My brother Guillaume. He brings Croquette to work where she is the mascot. She loves it!

9. Like master, like dog?

Not at all. We are poles apart. I am moving forward, very entrepreneurial. I am not afraid of challenges. Croquette is more shy, in his own little world, rather homebody and afraid of noises. 

About Mathieu Cloutier

  • He is the chef-owner of the restaurant and caterer Kitchen Galerie
  • He is seen regularly on the show Chefs dans ma cuisine