The beauty Queen of Belarus suspected of having links with the country’s President

Королеву красоты Беларуси заподозрили в связях с президентом страны

Respected British newspaper the Times published a big article devoted to elections of deputies of the Parliament in Belarus — it is known that their results were criticized by the OSCE.

This writes Radio Liberty.

The newspaper reminds that during the current election campaign, almost all opposition candidates were screened by the authorities during the registration and campaign period. At the same time, the Parliament were inexperienced candidate: the youngest MP was the 22-year-old “miss” Vasilevich, which sometimes appears at formal and informal events, where there is President Alexander Lukashenko, which can not but cause surprise.

Королеву красоты Беларуси заподозрили в связях с президентом страны

The publication notes that became the Deputy Maria Vasilevich has no political experience.

“Sunday’s election, which led to a complete victory for the parties loyal to Lukashenka, opposition leaders denounced as a fraud. (…) Vasilevich, having no political experience, ( … ), said that he would like to use their location to attract attention to the problems of young people (…)”, — reported in the publication.

The journalists remind that Lukashenka and Vasiljevic visited the state festivals, hockey games and football world Cup 2018 in Russia. The Times argues that Lukashenko has awarded Vasilevich state medal for contribution to culture and philanthropy, and personally watched her preparation for the contest “Miss world — 2018”. She took third place.

Королеву красоты Беларуси заподозрили в связях с президентом страны

Also, the publication notes that Lukashenko and his separated wife Galina were married in 1975. Although they are not divorced, since he became President, did not see them in public together. 64-year-old Lukashenko lives in a village in the East, Belarus in a house surrounded by a high fence. In 2005, she said that the decision to live separately from Lukashenka was her choice. The couple has two adult sons, 43-year-old Victor, an employee of the Security Council of the country, and 39-year-old Dmitry. In addition, Lukashenko also has a third son, his apparent favorite, Nikolai. The President said that preparing a 15-year-old Nicholas to replace him at the head of the country.

As previously reported “FACTS” in Russia believe that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who recently did not hesitate in expressions, spoke about economic integration with Russia, “begins to play too”.

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