The beneficial gut Breakfast

Specialists told about the types of Breakfast that are considered most useful for the good functioning of the intestines. Skipping morning meal is not recommended.

Самый полезный для кишечника завтрак

Yogurt is useful in that it has the optimal balance of protein, carbohydrates and probiotics, but you should choose only natural product without the added sugar and chemical additives. A good solution will also be rich in pectin apples.

It is known that oatmeal is very healthy, but the whole benefit disappears, if you select “instant porridge” — they contain too much sugar and very few nutrients, e.g., fiber.

It is best to eat in the morning different meals, alternating – this will help to provide the body with all necessary nutrients. The dish can be flavored with any of the following additives: grated Apple, nuts, seeds or berries, uses of which are known to all.

Seeds and nuts contain healthy fatty acids, is recommended porridge or smoothies.

Also for Breakfast eat bananas, they provide energy for the whole day and give satiety. However, diabetics need to remember that this product increases the level of blood sugar.

Egg, low-fat boiled meat and nourishing and provides proteins.

Doctors say that Breakfast provides the start of the digestive system and metabolism. However, the digestive system is unlikely to be useful in the morning fatty meal such as scrambled egg with bacon or sausage, which may cause doubts.