The benefits of cabbage: why is it necessary to eat every day

This is one of the most popular vegetables, which is the basis of many dishes. And one of the reasons for such prevalence is the use of cabbage. What exactly it is, and describe the material.

Польза капусты: почему её надо есть каждый день


Dietary product

100 grams of fresh cabbage contains 28 calories. About the same is in color, Savoy, red, romanesco. But in kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts calories a little more — 43. But in any case, it is an excellent dietary product, which is advisable to eat every day. Most effective for weight loss is considered to be cauliflower, as it has a lot of protein. Also not less than will bring cabbage juice is a natural fat burner.

Lipotropic properties

Cabbage is Holi — a lipotropic substance that helps to normalize the metabolism of lipids (fats) and cholesterol (fatty alcohol). In other words, the cabbage can regulate the extent of fat deposits in the liver. In addition, in cabbage a lot tartronovaya acid, inhibiting the transfer of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. That is prevents the development of obesity. The only caveat in this case, eat cabbage only in raw form, as tartronovaya acid is destroyed by heat treatment.

Antioxidant properties

Special enzymes in the composition of the cauliflower allow to rid the body of toxins. And vitamins and minerals to fight free radicals.

Anticarcinogenic properties

Pritvorova diet must contain cabbage. This product has a unique complex of vitamins and minerals that help to prevent damage and deformation of cells. Thus, any abnormal cells will not interfere with life.

Hangover remedy

Cabbage will be a great cure intoxication and hangovers. Good to eat sauerkraut, salads, in which eating this vegetable or drinking the brine.

Tool for beauty

It is impossible to deny the benefits of cabbage in matters of beauty and youth. It is one of the most useful vegetables in the plan. There are many popular recipes based on the use of cabbage. The mask will allow to get rid of pigmentation, make the skin more elastic, improve the complexion and condition of hair.

I should add cabbage to the diet and used for beauty, to feel the full benefit of this vegetable.