The Bergamo Atalanta banned Malinowski to communicate with the media

Бергамская "Аталанта" запретила Малиновскому общаться с представителями СМИ

Ruslan Malinovskiy

Atalanta has banned all players of the club, including Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskiy, to communicate with the media. This was announced by Alexander Denisov in the program “Great football”.

It is noted that the club took this decision in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

Recall that in the camp bergamasco club from the virus COVID-19 have died four staff: two coaches of the youth teams, scout and massage therapist youth teams.

Add that to the first team, Juventus confirmed three cases of disease by virus COVID-19.

In addition, in the Series And the virus has been confirmed in six players Sampdoria, three players “Fiorentina” and one – “Verona”.

Earlier it was reported that the technical Director of AC Milan, Paolo Maldini became infected with the coronavirus. Also tested positive for coronavirus passed, his son Daniel, who serves in the camp of the Rossoneri striker.

The wife Malinowski told about the new rules of accommodation in Bergamo to the quarantine conditions.