The best fruit for Breakfast, reduce blood sugar levels

It is known that diabetics have to monitor their diet carefully to avoid certain products. The more valuable food for them, which can reduce the level of blood sugar.

Лучший фрукт для завтрака, снижающий уровень сахара в крови

We are talking about the guava. According to experts, the leaf extract of guava improves the performance of the glucose in the body and insulin resistance.

Drinking tea from the leaves of guava lowers the level of sugar in the blood for up to two hours, said the doctors.

Guava fruit contains a large amount of vitamin C , lots of tannins, minerals and fiber. Guava helps in diarrhea and respiratory diseases, normalizes blood pressure, stimulates the heart.

One serving of this fruit contains approximately 37 calories, making it a nutritious and low-calorie food, and it is very valuable for people who are overweight.

Note that there is a view according to which it is preferable to choose those vegetables and fruits that grow in the region where you live.

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body cannot produce insulin or use the existing insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas.