The best natural attractions the USA, which are worth to see

“Well, who among us has not dreamed to be in the USA, travel to USA, to plunge into the world which we often see on the screens? States is an amazing country with stunning natural attractions that are worth seeing and worth to come here,” writes the author of the blog “People that know” with “Yandex.Zen”.

Лучшие природные достопримечательности США, которые обязательно стоит увидеть

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National Park Bryce Canyon (ut)

Bryce Canyon was created under the influence of wind and water (water gets into cracks, freezes and causes the stratification of the rocks). They resemble the shape of the arches, the pillars, which delight tourists with its unusual shape and colour (from red to yellow)

Yellowstone national Park (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana)

The world’s first national Park. It was founded in 1872 and is annually visited by about three million tourists. On the vast territory of the Park there are rivers, lakes, waterfalls, geysers and geothermal springs.

One of the most famous places of the Park is Lake morning glory. For tourists developed trails, there are hotels and campsites.

Grand Canyon (AZ)

The Grand canyon is among the seven modern wonders of the world and is a world heritage site by UNESCO. This is a Prime example of the greatness of nature and its superiority over all.

65 million years ago at the Grand canyon flowed the Colorado river, but due to seismic processes of the land rose and the river found a new channel.

Death valley (CA)

Death valley is the driest place on the planet. In the summer there is unbearable heat, burning everything. Therefore, the best time to visit is from November to April.

In prehistoric times this place there was a deep lake that was below sea level. The lake dried up and left behind the intricate pattern of irregular hexagons, the nature of which still can not solve the scientists minds. In addition, death Valley is famous for its “moving rocks”.

White desert (new Mexico)

Another mystery and natural wonder of the USA is the White desert in new Mexico. The total desert area of 280 kilometers. The sand is a crystal of gypsum, and the desert formed in the place of dry lake.

Stone waves (the border of Arizona and Utah)

This place is truly Martian landscape, which were formed by the Packed sand, which is thousands of years was polished by wind and sand.

Now, this sandy monolith resembles a frozen wave in fancy shapes.

This place is hard to reach for tourists, so as to get there you have to overcome the way in 5 kilometers on foot.

Sequoia national Park (CA)

One of the most famous parks in the world was founded in 1890. He is famous because of the trees growing in the Park — the redwoods. These trees are Champions in many ways. Age of individual trees over three thousand years. The height of these giants reaches 110 meters. The most famous instance of Sequoia — General Sherman in diameter is 32 meters.

The man next to this tree looks just like an ant.