The best scorer in the history of Turkey works as a taxi driver in Washington

Лучший бомбардир в истории сборной Турции работает таксистом в Вашингтоне

Hakan Shukyur

The best scorer in the history of the team Turkey Hakan shukyur in an interview told why he had in 2015 to emigrate to the USA, and also about what you have to do the former football player to survive.

“I have nothing. President Erdogan took everything from me. My right to freedom, right to opinion, freedom of speech, to work” – quoted 48-year-old Sakura Die Welt.

“I was invited to the party of the President in 2011 to take advantage of my popularity. In 2013 I left the party amid corruption scandals. After that, it started: my wife threw stones, children accosted me on the street. After each of my statement threatened me.

When I left, they grabbed my father. And confiscated all my property. Now everything is very difficult. All who are somehow connected with me, experiencing financial difficulties,” said “bull of the Bosphorus” as he called Hakan fans.

We will add that after his emigration to the former player of Galatasaray filed charges in connection with involvement in a terrorist organization and attempting a coup d’etat, but also because of the insults the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Now shukyur works as a taxi driver for Uber in Washington and sells books.