The best time to take a shower

Although most of us like to Wake up in the shower every morning, it may not be the best option for long term skin health. The optimal time for taking a shower in the evening, when everybody gave and physical activity behind, according to dermatologists from Sweden.

Названо лучшее время для принятия душа

A new study conducted by Swedish brand Foreo, showed that the habit of taking a shower in the morning affect their skin health.

According to the study, 61% of European citizens prefer to shower in the morning instead of after work. Dermatologist Dr. Simon Zoki says that this is the least favorable time for body wash, an evening shower has the greater advantage than morning. This is because it helps to remove the accumulated on the skin of dirt during the day.

“When it comes to skin care, taking a shower in the evening really is the best option as it helps to remove makeup, sebum, dirt that accumulates during the day. Seems obvious when you say it out loud, but why would you want to go to bed with mud on the body and face?” — said Boris Raspudic, CEO of FOREO.

While a morning shower can help Wake up and will provide much needed time and energy to plan your day, use for skin is greatly reduced.

“If you need to take a shower in the morning, a quick evening shower will help the health of your skin.” adds Raspudic.

A conclusion to sleep with dirt on the body and face unhealthy skin. If you want to take a shower in the morning, so will have to take 2 times a day.