The best vegetable for of the brain called experts

The use of beets extremely beneficial for the human brain, as it helps to keep him young and active. Conclusion this was done by American researchers from Wake forest University.

Лучший овощ для мозга назвали специалисты

Experts say that beet provides the body with many vital nutrients, and unlike other vegetables, most of the vitamins and minerals are preserved when cooking. The study researchers found that beetroot helps to slow down brain aging.

“A serving of beetroot juice a day in combination with exercise improves brain plasticity,” — said the scientists.

According to them, for a positive impact on the brain nitrate contained in the beetroot. It is converted in the body into the joint, stimulating the formation of nitric oxide in the blood. It dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. As a result the muscles and the brain in particular are better supplied with oxygen.

The study volunteers were male, 65 years of age — drank a small glass of beetroot juice an hour before workout. After six weeks, these participants showed an increase in their athletic performance. In addition, unlike the control group who only drank water before training, they had discovered the best neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize. The human brain is not rigid body, it continues to change until retirement age. Without neuroplasticity, it would be impossible for something to learn. The higher neuroplasticity, the better the brain adapts to new challenges.

“A glass of beet juice is the fountain of youth for our brains. Its maximum benefit is shown in conjunction with the sport,” stated the scientists.