The best way to prevent colds and flu

The flu is a form of ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection) that can lead to serious complications, including death. The best prevention is vaccination. However, not all people are unable to vaccinate because of health problems (autoimmune disease, immunodeficiency). Experts give recommendations on how to strengthen the immune system and not catch a flu or other forms of SARS during the epidemic.

Назван лучший способ профилактики ОРВИ и гриппа

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an important component of prevention of influenza and SARS for each person, promotes the body’s resistance to infectious diseases.” — experts say.

What is included in a healthy lifestyle?

The mode of work and rest
In the course of a day should be enough time to complete work, rest, sleep and meals — if nothing of these four points is not a problem (the lack of), the mode is considered healthy.

Managing emotions
Stress triggers the development of many diseases is a proven fact. At the core of stress is the inability to manage their emotions. People often “stressout” much more susceptible to infectious diseases.

Proper nutrition
To the immune system was functioning well, it is important to prevent a lack of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals. Rospotrebnadzor specialists especially recommend to consume dark green vegetables, red and yellow vegetables and fruits.

Bad habits
Alcohol, drugs, Smoking — all these factors increase the risk of infection due to weakened immunity.

Physical activity
Regular exercise will strengthen your immune system, allow the body to adequately respond to the “attack” of viruses.

It is also important during epidemics to avoid places of a mass congestion of people.