The bill is about “investnent” adopted in principle: that the promise to investors

Законопроект об «инвестнянях» принят за основу: что обещают инвесторам

The Parliament of Ukraine took as basis the draft law on state support of investment projects No. 3760. Supported the draft law 244 people’s deputies.

The document provides for the consolidation of guarantees of the investor through a contract for 15 years with the Ukrainian government.

Investors will get a Manager who will be authorized to accompany the project during its preparation and implementation.

In addition, it is also planned to provide supplementary benefits, such as exemption from income taxes, duties and VAT on importation of new equipment.

The bill also simplifies getting use of land that participate in the process of project implementation. While the costs for the construction of related infrastructure like roads, electricity, gas, heat and vedeseta, borne by the state.

The amount of support from the state lies in the amount of 30% of the amount invested.

The document stipulates that state support will be provided for projects whose scope is estimated at a minimum of 30 million euros.

In “the Servant of the people” want to implement “big parliamentary reform”

Investors will be required to create at least 150 new jobs with average wages at least 15% above the average wage in the region and the relevant field.

Indicates that the timing of the project should not exceed 5 years at a time as the term of the contract with the government for 15 years.