The “Boombox” released the first part of the new album “Tamni Code: Rubcon”

The album was recorded in Ukraine, France and the United States.

Группа «Бумбокс» выпустила первую часть нового альбома "Таємний Код: Рубікон»

Popular Ukrainian band “Boombox”on September 12 released a new album “Tamni Code: Rubcon”.

The new album, which was recorded in Ukraine, France and the United States of America, for the first time in the history of the group will consist of more than 11 songs.

It is also interesting that the album will be twofold: first, on 12 September came the “Secret Code” (7 songs), and after two or three months – “Rubicon” and will be published on cassette, double-vinyl and CD versions of “fan-pack”.

The songs that were in the first part of the album, the group’s leader Andrey Khlyvnyuk said the following:

1. Trimi me”

“One of my favorite songs of recent times. Written with a wonderful author and composer Alexander Cameroon, the former lead singer Smoky Blend, and today the leader of the band the Gitas, as well as guitarist Smokey Mixture Syarhei Martynau. The song we shot a video in the USA, Italy and Ukraine. The song, which became the undisputed hit of the concert team last time. Song I with a huge buzz to play at every show and consider it the crown jewel of this disc”.

2. “Angel”

A remake for the song of the band ” Kryhitka Tsahes “Angela Yak ya”. I am very grateful to Sasha Kol’tsova, she found the time to come to the House record at the Studio of Milos overwrite the Sides for me too, because I wanted his semplovani, and DJ Roller scratcher. It is a different story, but as it happens in hip-hopova of the tracks we used the chorus that I, too, quail, and added to it hip-hop verses, arrangements. This is one of the songs recorded at the Studio “La Fabrique” in France. I am presenting it to you with great happiness, because it is the warm sound of analogue studios and acute experience for a few days before the big shock in my life.”

3. “Granta”

“This is a Blues rock song, the first of several I have written together with Oleg Dicaeum official sound producer of this disc and one of two guitarists of the group. After “Shit” I wrote with him many songs, but this was the first.”

4. “Bezodnya”

“The song is written together with Oleg Dicaeum and at first I had to sing it myself, but in the Studio I realized that I wanted high parties and know who should sing. I am very grateful to a wonderful Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who immediately agreed to cooperate with the first take recorded its fantastic, virtuoso party. Despite the insanely busy schedule, she made all the necessary promo, starred in the video. To work with you,Tinochka, it was very nice. I rejoice in our friendship that was born. Come again. This “Bezodnya”.

5. “DSH”

“This song is in Russian, written and recorded last fall for the winter. Entirely made in the city of Kiev. Only her mastering, like all the other songs were made in the US. The song is a new composition of the Boombox. The song in which the DJ Roller has outdone himself again. And all of us, and I hope the listeners are reminded that he is the legendary scratch-master and musician, who in the record spoke not just as a DJ but as an arranger and producer, for without him the songs would not have such depth of other sides and meanings. Thank you, Bead, for what you did in the song “DSH”.

6. “Action 100 %”

“Song, which was ice-sinom. The song, which was written together with Sergey Martynov, a very cool guitarist and composer. The song, which for some time became the first song in the concert. And when you now come to the concert of Boombox, be almost 100 % sure that the first one will be it. This is a real story, a real-life encounter with a real person at the airport “Borispol”.

7. “Palacios”

“I would like to say that I wrote it easily, I would like to say that this is only my idea, but no. Inspired me to write it about the song I’ll Be Seeing You — jazz standard performed by Eric Clapton. I suggest you listen to this album. This is a wonderful album that really influenced the sound of the French records of the Boombox. And the song “See you” just one of the songs recorded in France at Studio “La Fabrique”. If you divide the creativity of the team at various points this song can be related to pop-jazz or trip-hop jazz stage of team development. And we will still see you.”