The border guard was shot by the Russians while trying to sneak into USA from Mexico (PHOTO)

Пограничник подстрелил россиянина при попытке проникнуть в США из Мексики (ФОТО)

The Russian citizen was injured while attempting to cross the U.S. border with Mexico, according to the website of the us border and customs services. The incident occurred on 14 November in Arizona. Around 19:15 local time (9:15 GMT) on the border control officer tried to detain the man to the East of the city Luckwill. Between them scuffle, with the result that the border guards used weapons.

The Russian was taken by helicopter to the hospital of the city of Phoenix, Arizona, where there is still. The life of Russian threatens nothing, the guard also has not received serious injuries. At the border, RIA “Novosti” confirmed that the wounded man was in possession of documents confirming Russian citizenship.

The official representative of the Border service under the Ministry of internal security of the United States in Arizona, Robert Daniels told TASS that the Russian tried to enter the United States from Mexico, noting that this is a rare case. His condition is satisfactory and not worse. The charges will be dealt with by prosecutors. The incident is investigating the FBI and customs and border service

Consulate General of Russia in Houston is in contact with the police in Arizona and intends to obtain consular access to the victim, according to Twitter of the Embassy. The wounded was Glushchenko E. p. was born in 1982. He is in a hospital in Goodyear, Arizona.

According to the representative of the Consulate General, the Russian diplomats while not directly communicated with Glushchenko. “We are now requesting access to him and clarify why he was shot, and what documents were in it”, – have informed “Interfax” in Embassy.

Certain Glushchenko has previously been taken into custody in Arizona, notes TASS. According to the authorities of the state it was in pre-trial detention centre in the South of the state from September 2018, after trying with a pregnant wife illegal to enter the US from Mexico. In April 2019, the court decided to deport Glushchenko home, but in the database instance not specified whether this was done. It is unknown whether we are talking about the same person.

At the end of July in the United States came into force new rules for expedited deportation of illegal migrants, which allow you to send people without American citizenship from the country immediately without the consideration of the case in court. Informed Express deportation applies only to those who were detained 160 km from the Mexican border and was in the U.S. less than two weeks.

In October, immigration and customs control under the Ministry of internal security of the United States reported that in fiscal year 2019 to the border with Mexico was arrested almost a million people, which is 88% higher than for the 2018 fiscal year.