The boy from Massachusetts dumped in the ocean a bottle with a letter and received a response from France after 9 years

Мальчик из Массачусетса бросил в океан бутылку с письмом и получил ответ из Франции спустя 9 лет

According to CNN , the young Americans sent a message in a bottle 9 years ago from Massachusetts, throwing it into the Atlantic ocean. After 9 years the young man received a response from France.

Being a 10-year-old boy, Max Vredenburg left a message in a bottle into the Atlantic ocean in 2010. The message included his home address, hoping that a bottle with a note find. He wanted to be the one who got his message, knew little about the sender.

“I love apples, — was stated in the letter. — I like the beach, my favorite color is blue, I like animals, cars and space”.

Now 19-year-old College student from Massachusetts said that he forgot all about sending the message in the bottle, until dad sent him a picture of the answer that came home at the specified address.

“It would take 9 years to overcome that divide us 6,000 miles, the letter reads. — You grew up during this time: from 10 to 19 years.”

Of Vredenburg was shocked. He could not believe that there were enough people to give him an answer. He plans to contact the writer of this letter and to thank him.