The bride managed to eat at the wedding your bouquet

Невеста умудрилась съесть на свадьбе свой букет

Bouquet made from chicken nuggets.

In October 2019, an American named Blair Harley married her boyfriend Adam Tyson. The wedding was celebrated at the Radisson in Toledo (Ohio), and the bride had become famous in the network, reports the with reference for Today.

Knowing that Blair is a big fan of fast food, her best friend and cousin Jenna Spatz gave her a special bouquet, made on special order of chicken nuggets. Blair shocked the guests when they eat their “flowers” immediately after the toast to the newlyweds.

However, guests Adam and Blair ordered gourmet cuisine. The bride paid the extra for that personally, she gave a plate of fast food. So the “chicken” bouquet was for her a pleasant and unexpected addition to the menu.

“Blair’s reaction was just priceless. She broke into a grin from ear to ear and giggled,” told Jenna to Business Insider.